Anthony Harris

“I use the landscape as a metaphor. My work explores the complexity of the terrain in ways that challenge the viewers’ own boundaries and conventions of romanticising something, in the present, or may occur in the future – moving beyond our preconceived and comfortable human perceptions. These landscapes hold within them aspects other than pure nature – the panorama is composed of elements that bear witness to change and evolution.” - Anthony Harris

Anthony’s new studio, presently under renovation, is located in the historic area of central and is part of the ARTS JOURNEY of Nelson Mandela Bay and the Belmont Terrace / Bird Street Arts Precinct. Other important ARTS venues in the area, which are all within walking distance, are the Athenaeum, artEC, Art Museum, Ron Belling Art Gallery and Dessies Tin House.


51B Cuyler Street, Central Hill, Port Elizabeth


Anthony Harris

Phone: 072 379 5933

Fax: 086 241 7824


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